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Excalibur's New Opening Credits (Webisode Version)


Excalibur's First Full Length Excalibur Trailer



Excalibur's appearance on G4's "Attack of the Show!" from

April 3rd 2012, our section begins at 1:56



A Treat for the holiday, new effects footage



The people that built the originals sets


The Original Excalibur Teaser Trailer


The Web address at the end of the trailer is our original one, not the current one. :)



Our New Effects Supervisor's, Gabriel Koerner, Demo Reel



Opening Credits test


BJ Wests Excalibur Demo" width="648" height="495">;">" src="" type="video/quicktime" width="648" controller="true" autoplay="true">" width="648" height="495">>" src="" type="video/quicktime" width="648" controller="true" autoplay="true">


Shuttlecraft test footage



Original Excalibur Sets Memorial


Excalibur Set Building (Original sets)


Transporter Room Door Test from our original sets